Wednesday, March 5, 2014

day 8

Two more baby lambs were born this morning, probably around 5 AM and I found them a 7.

My mother Susanna (called Beana) came and Lotta read to her. Beana also read her great stories of when she was a child on the farm and all the naughty things she did. Quite a book!

Ollie lost a tooth. He says he has nine more to go and explained to Lotta that some fall out, then there is a break, then the rest come out. 

Lotta will lose a tooth soon too. Now we go to piano:

And since they were good, they all got donuts (we took one home for Ollie):

And Ollie wrote a nice essay on Jane Goodall's Through A Window chapter on chimpanzee warfare in Gombe. He then edited himself. Nice work. Looks like I scanned it upside down. 

I read this:

Most of the time people say to me something to the effect of, "I couldn't homeschool." I find more people putting themselves down than criticizing me. 

Then I read this:

Eva is my sister-in-law... she certainly is stirring things up in the NYC. I remember her from before she was married, in her early 20s, late teens. 

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