Wednesday, March 19, 2014

day 22

Our cat was back, not eaten by a bobcat. Got final results for the Math Olympics team: HENAA did fantastic and is the top 25% nationwide of a very competitive group of kids. 

Beana (grandma) came and read her book. She's writing yet another great one on her own naughty childhood. Leo made a card house that stood up all day -- because he used some blocks to reinforce the body. And thinking about the coming baby: it would be a shame not to walk around the house and find dolls lined up, construction projects in the bathtub, and magic cards in progress. We have at least 12 more years to have all that stuff around, given the coming Viola Pazzitas. Leo did a portrait of his grandmother. Lotta and Leo went to piano. Sue, the teacher, makes the hour fun and they never lose interest -- and if Leo falls asleep and Lotta gets to sing, that's fine too. I saw a sign at the supermarket I wanted to show Ollie, vis a vis his garbage project. Ollie wrote an essay on a chimpanzee. Selfie with Leo. 

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