Saturday, March 15, 2014

day 18

Today Lotta had ballet and Ollie went to his writing class at Art Omi. The rest of us went to a sheep symposium. Alcibaites is supposed to get drunk at a symposium, but not this one.

We split up -- Aenne went to the lecture by the vet, Ollie went to the overall class and I went to genetics and breeding. When we came out, I asked Ollie what he learned.

"That we're doing everything wrong."

 "Yeah, I learned the same thing," I said. "And what did you learn?" I asked Aenne.

 "That we shouldn't have sheep."

 Anyway, Leo played with the camera. I took some doodle notes. We went to the playground at the community college and found a disturbing naked cold doll. Also, Leo took a picture of Lotta taking a picture of him and wrote a story during the sheep seminar.

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